Public Broadcasting for All Campaign

Public Broadcasting for All Campaign

The International Federation of Journalists has launched a worldwide campaign in 2001 to defend public service broadcasting. The campaign aims to promote public service values, editorial independence, quality programmes and democratic and accountable systems of administration.

Globalisation and commercialization in media pose an increasing threat to the future of public service broadcasting.

In developed countries we are already seeing low cost, low quality programming, cuts in editorial budgets and a reduction in employment rights. New technology journalists are expected to film and edit as well as carrying out their journalistic role. There is less quality and less time to investigate and assess information.

In developing countries, international financial institutions or local governments want to privatise former state broadcasters. The IFJ Campaign supports journalists’ organisations and civil society in the transformation of state broadcasters in regions such as central Europe, West Africa or South Asia into genuinely public service institutions, not state run or government-controlled, but professional, impartial and high quality networks that serve the public, not private, interest.

The IFJ campaign builds union solidarity. It co-ordinates discussions with international organisations and other global groups dealing with media. This worldwide action programme should lead to the preservation and expansion of broadcasting of high standards and integrity.